Friday, June 1, 2007

Inaugural Post - I Miss May Gray!

Welcome to the inaugural post. The idea here is to provide some much needed attention to the San Diego Padres, a team routinely ignored by the mainstream (read: east coast) media. So enough of that, let's get to some Padres talk!

It's June 1st which has unofficially become somewhat of a melancholy day for Padres fans. The reason? It marks the end of the month of May which in the past two seasons has been the month that has propelled the Padres to the National League Western Division Championship. This year's 18-9 month of May record is second best in franchise history, second only to the 22-6 May in 2005. What's more? The Padres posted a 2.17 ERA in the month in May, a franchise record that was far and away the best in the majors this year. And it's a good thing as the Padres are only averaging 4 runs per game.

Now, local media here in San Diego are calling for a trade citing the 4 runs per game and the countless pitching performances that go for naught because of a lack of run support. The names that have been mentioned, in rumor only mind you, have been Alex Rios and Aaron Rowand. This is all well and good except for what the Padres would have to give up which, by all accounts, would be Scott Linebrink. Currently the Padres are 31-22 and Trevor Hoffman has the third most saves in the National League. A big reason for this is the Padres ability to shorten the game. Essentially, teams have until the 7th inning to get the Padres and if not it's the Meredith or Bell, Linebrink and Hoffman show. Good luck with that! Look, the offense struggles, especially at home, no one denies this but the team was not built to hit the cover off the ball. What wins games, at home and on the road, is pitching. What's more, pitching wins in the post-season. More offense would be great, but Scott Linebrink is not worth Aaron Rowand. Kevin Kouzmanoff and Mike Cameron are starting to heat up, Adrian Gonzalez is an All-Star and the Giles brothers, when healthy, are on-base machines. The offense will figure itself out, as long as the team is in first and 9-games over .500, I say don't mess with the formula.

Padres Notes:

Much maligned first round draft pick Matt Bush has lost his position at shortstop and will move to the mound. Matt Bush has not panned out as hoped after being made the first overall pick in the 2004 draft due to under performance and injuries. The solution, the mound, where Development Officials hope his electric arm translates. A certain #51 might be the template for this move... (

As expected, Josh Bard was suspended three games for his run in with Umpire Ed Rapuano after last nights game in Pittsburgh. After an apparent home run was called back (correctly it should be added) Josh Bard did his best George Brett impression and has now been suspended. Bard has appealed the suspension, allowing him to play until his hearing.

Up Next:

The Padres play 3 against the Nationals with Peavy on the mound to open it up tonight. Then the Padres head home for the rival Dodgers and interleague action against the Mariners. Both those series at Petco.


maddy said...

It's about darn time that someone spoke up for the West Coast & the Padres in particular!!! They are deserving of much more credit than they get.

Loved your post GTH... whoever you are :)

Bonnie said...

Dude, do you not have a real job??
Leave the Padre writing to the guys at ESPN, you know they're all they talk about :) HA!!!
Seriously, good and informative. Written by a true and passionate fan.

Go Padres!!!!