Saturday, June 23, 2007

Not in My Town

Wasn't planning to post until after the Sunday game but came across a story that I thought was worth mentioning. Buster Olney writes the MLB Blog for and if you don't already I highly recommend his blog (you have to be an ESPN Insider however). Today's blog was an interesting story about Tony Gwynn and the current Red Sox series. For those who aren't an ESPN Insider, here is the jest:

Apparently, Tony was on a flight from St. Louis to San Diego. He hates flying, anyway, and from his perspective, this ride must've been particularly awful, because half the plane was filled with Boston Red Sox fans, who travel to follow the team, en masse, the way that the fans of the University of Tennessee football team travel.

The plane was all red and all Red Sox and after the flight landed, the pilot -- maybe part of the traveling band of Red Sox Nation -- got onto the p.a. system and said, "Go Sox."

And that was enough, apparently, for the future Hall of Famer. Gwynn stopped by the cockpit on his way off the plane, looked at the pilot and said, "Not in my town."

Tony Gwynn is Mr. Padre and Mr. San Diego and this is just another story proving exactly that. You the man Tony. More on Gwynn in the upcoming weeks with Cooperstown now right around the corner.


Greg said...

Go cubs!

maddy said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome... even when he tries to be mean, Tony is still so nice.