Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Red Sox are Coming, The Red Sox are Coming

Quick post today. Heading down to Petco for tonight's game with Peavy going against the now manager-less Orioles. A few quick notes from the weekend.

- Chris Young and Derrek Lee were suspended 5 games each for their part in the fight at Wrigley. In all likelihood Young will appeal and rightfully so. Unless something was wrong with my t.v., Lee came at Young and swung first. Not sure what MLB would like Young to have done in that situation. Now, Lee is a classy player and one I personally like a lot. This was out of character for him. But he was the aggressor and should be punished accordingly, or, more to the point, Young should not be punished as severely. Either way, it would appear that this will not affect Young's availability this weekend when Boston comes to town.

- Congrats to Chase Headley on his first major league hit. Forgot to give him props when he got called up on Friday. Must have been quite a thrill to get your first MLB start in Wrigley Field. Congrats Headley.

- Mike Cameron is ridiculous hot right now, letting us all forget the terrible April he had. Interesting article in the U-T today about the Padres pitching and offense. Let me say this, the offense is not as bad as you think. Avg is low yes, but the Padres rank 9th out of 16 in runs scored and, when adjusted for ballparks, their slugging pct. plus on base pct. is fifth in the National League.

- That said, would still love to see Griffey Jr. in the outfield. Jose Cruz and Terrmel Sledge are good players, but not everyday players. Griffey Jr. has the power and speed to play into Petco and can protect Gonzalez. What is he worth? Clay Hensely perhaps? Mike Thompson? Wouldn't blow up the bullpen, but might be worth looking into. Pure speculation on my part though.

Full Boston Preview ahead on Thursday. For now, the Padres look to increase their lead in the West and build on what is now the best record in the National League.



Anteater said...

Its human nature if someone comes after you and takes a swing at you, you swing back to defend yourself. In a sport especially, in competition, its against every part of us to not put up a fight. This "you both fought so you're equal" thing is BS.

GTH said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Unbelievable that they would suspend the guy defending himself. Especially considering that there is no way that pitch had any intent. Not sure what Young was suppose to do, just run away?

maddy said...

Can't wait to hear what you have to say about the trade for Barrett. Yes he's got a good batting average, but I personally think he's a loose canon... watch out for him.