Monday, July 2, 2007

Elect CY to San Fran!!!

When you're 6'10'' its hard to go unnoticed. That is, unless, you post a sub 1.00 ERA at home and your name is Chris Young. As is the new tradition with MLB's All-Star Game, the final roster spot will be decided by a fan vote that ends on Thursday. In the National League, the "Final Spot" candidates are:

Tom Gorzelanny, Pittsburgh (Pitcher)
Carlos Zambrano, Chicago (Pitcher)
Roy Oswalt, Houston (Pitcher)
Brandon Webb, Arizona (Pitcher)
Chris Young, San Diego (Pitcher)

Folks, it's time to bust out your campaign buttons, grab a friend and start stumping for Chris Young. It is an absolute joke that Tony Larussa has left Chris Young off this All-Star team. For a quick refresher, here is CY's All-Star resume:

8-3 Record
2.14 ERA
once again...
2.14 ERA!!!
Home ERA of 0.94 (forget ballparks folks, that is sick)
Opponents Batting AVG. .197

By comparison:
Gorzelanny, ERA 3.05
Webb, ERA 3.05
Oswalt, ERA 3.42
Zambrano, ERA 4.20

No one is close on this list to CY's numbers. Frankly, it shouldn't have come to this. Young should have been named to the All-Star team already. But, here we are. So, whether you're a Padres fan or simply a baseball fan or simply a friend of mine who reads this blog. You see the numbers, Young deserves your vote. Here is the link for the fan's final vote:

Vote early, vote often. You get to vote an unlimited amount of times. There were plenty of snubs on this year's team (Eric Brynes from Arizona, Jimmy Rollins from Philly, Adrian Gonzalez from San Diego, the fact that Bonds is starting) but here is your chance to make up for one OBVIOUS snub. VOTE CHRIS YOUNG!!!

The good news, as of 5:00 est on the first day of voting, Chris Young held a slim lead over Carlos Zambrano. The Padres are home the rest of this week and according to the team, they plan to blockade certain gates to steer fans toward voting computers set-up throughout the park to get them to vote for CY. Spread the word, his trip to the Bay is in your hands!!!!!

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maddy said...

I did my part!! Hope he gets in!