Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Fukudome Waiting Game

The Padres winter activity has been put on temporary hiatus as they wait on Japanese 30 year old outfielder Fukudome's decision. Late last night, Fukudome informed his Japanese team that he is coming to the Majors. Let the bidding begin. According to Kevin Towers, the Padres made an offer that ranks in the top "two or three offers in club history" and is believed to be around $10 million a year for 3 years. While the Padres wait, the rest of the Padres potential moves have been put on hold. And what moves do the Padres need to make?

- Milton Bradley turned down the Padres offer leaving the Padres without a left or center fielder. With Mike Cameron yet to accept arbitration and believed to not be accepting the Padres arbitration, the current look of the outfield is: Scott Hairston, ?, Brian Giles returning from knee surgery. This, obviously, is not going to get it done. Fukudome will solve one problem (presumably left) but center remains empty and no major move was made at the winter meetings to fix the problem. It's a unique position normally, but center field in Petco is a live or die position due to the dimensions.

- The current 5th starter is Justin Germano...probably would like to have something more consistent than that.

- Second base: After opting not to resign Marcus Giles, the Padres current plans for second is to have 2006 first round draft pick Antonelli start there. By most scouts accounts, he is at least a year away however. Other options have been: David Eckstein (wants multi-year deal), Tadihito Iguichi (likely to expensive).

But other than that their fine!!!!!

Oh boy!

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