Friday, April 4, 2008

A Wolf in Pads Clothing

6 innings and 1 earned run from your number 4 starter? I'd say you'd take that everyday and twice on Sunday! Randy Wolf made his Padres debut yesterday and did exactly that. Very encouraging.

But not as encouraging as seeing Hell's Bells played a little over 12 hours after Hoffman had blown the save against the Astros the night before. For the doubters, Hoffman went 1-2-3, all lazy groundouts.

Every year fans in San Diego yell and scream that Kevin Towers won't spend money, won't get high-profile players. Last season, KT brought in Scott Hairston, an afterthought in many people's minds, including some of the Padres. All Hairston has done since is hit 8 HR in 87 at-bats. Between Randy Wolf (ex-Dodger) and Hairston (ex-DBacks), I think the Padres have found a new strategy...take the enemies weapons!

Speaking of the enemies, the Dodgers head to town. With the way the NL West is shaping up, every inter-division series is huge. Germano goes tonight, Peav on Saturday and CY on Sunday and you have to like your chances when your sending those arms out there.

Finally, Lake Elsinore Storm (A) opened their season last night by retiring number 22 in honor of Jake Peavy. Jim Edmunds got the start on his rehab assignment, going 0-3.

That's all for now. Don't forget to answer the poll question and I'll see you back here on Sunday for a recap of the Dodger series.

OK I lied, one more thing:

This season marks the first year the Padres have introduced a "Frequent Friar" program. Before, the program was called the Compadres Club and all one had to do was swipe a card at each game and they would accumulate points which were good for rewards. Pretty cool, FREE program. NOW, the program is not free and only rewards the amount you spend not the number of games attended. Gaslamp Ball has a great post about this and I second there thoughts. I call shenaigans on this program. BRING BACK COMPADRES!

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