Monday, May 12, 2008

Windy City Ramblings

Don't look now but the Padres won their first series since the end of April yesterday. And they scored 6 runs! It was quite a day at Petco indeed.

Recent lineup changes appear to be paying dividends, however small at the moment. Jody Gerut has become the new lead-off man, and with a microscopic sample size, we won't discuss yet if it was worth it. I will say this, Gerut adds a ton of speed to this lineup and has made two fantastic outfield assists since taking over in center. That move moved Brian Giles to the 3 spot in the lineup and allows AGon bat clean-up, two moves that certainly appear to maximize the limited offense San Diego has.

Padres head to Chicago starting tonight and get the unlucky break of facing Zambrano. Zambrano was scheduled to pitch yesterday but due to a rain out, his start was pushed back to today...against San Diego.

The Cubs a legit, title contending team featuring offensive studs like Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, and the almost-Padre, Fukudome. Temperatures should be in the 40's around first pitch...a far cry from San Diego May Gray or not.

Let's welcome Paul DePodesta to the blogging world. This provides a unique insight into the front-office of the San Diego Padres. 3 posts up so far and already it's been enlightening. Check it out here.

Last final is tomorrow and posts will be back to normal then.

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