Thursday, June 19, 2008

Greetings from the Big Apple

You know what would be awes0me...having a team that knew how to run the bases! I would take a team that would recognize that they are a slow team!!!!! Adrian, I love you, but you are slow sir.

Anyway, stopping by to say hey to everyone. Was at Yankee Stadium today, the mecca of baseball stadiums and it lived up to expectation. The Bronx is a Zoo (words are fun!). Hung out at a Yankee bar, meet some interesting people. All went well, except of course for the game itself. Josh Banks deserved a better fate after essentially shutting down the Yankees today. And of course that base running.

The positives? Chase Headley is swinging it and some tremondous defense today which is something we couldn't say the first two games.

In the end though, get us the hell out of the AL! Tough road trip.

Full NY report with pictures next week!

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