Friday, July 4, 2008

And Rocky Mountain Lows

I'm no math major but here's something I find interesting (and by interesting I mean depressing).

Game 1 Runs = 15
Game 2 Runs = 0
Game 3 Runs = 1

What a fun trip to Coors Field!!!!!

Now, according to Adrian's prediction the Padres have to go 7-1 to be "in" it. Although at this point it might be more embarrassing to be in this "pennant race" then to be out of it.

FYI, in the AL West we would be 18 GB, the NL East 14, the NL Central 24 GB. Good times.

But hey, it's the Fourth of July, so eat, drink, celebrate and forget your Padres worries (wait, they play today! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Luckily we have Baek going so there's no worries about bringing in unrealistically high expectations into this game).

How about some pictures from the NY trip? OK then:

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