Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moorad Looser with the Purse Strings?

Scott Boras believes that Jeff Moorad will be more willing to spend money than his predecessor, John Moores.

“I think there's going to be a heavy Jeff Moorad footprint,” said Scott Boras, the most powerful of player agents.

The lack of productive drafts in recent years by the Padres has been a well documented topic. However, at least anecdotal, that failure can be connected to John Moores unwillingness to draft Boras clients. The most notable being the draft in which the Padres took Matt Bush instead of either Stephen Drew or Jered Weaver, both players that Padres scouts liked more than Bush, and both who were represented by Boras.

Matt Bush now has a warrant out for beating up high school kids in East County and is in the Toronto Blue Jays system while Drew and Weaver are productive major league players.

Boras also represents this years clear number one college player, SDSU pitcher Stephen Strasburg. While Strasburg is likely out of the picture for San Diego, Boras does represent more top of the line players in this draft than any other agent. With no Sandy Alderson or John Moores, Moorad and his team will have the chance to improve on the lackluster first-round picks of recent Padres history, that include: Ben Davis, Sean Burroughs, Mark Phillips, Tim Stauffer and Matt Bush. The Padres pick third this year.

Whether any of this comes true will not be known for some time but an early indication could be found in the Padres first round pick this year.

According to Boras, the difference in philosophy is a difference of money: “What is interesting about the philosophies is that Jeff's philosophy is, 'We're going to take the best available player and pay him appropriately because they have the best value.' In John's case, it was, 'We are only going to pay a particular amount of money, and let's find a player who will take it.'

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