Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Heath Bell Speaks!

Twitter is amazing. I don't want to nerd out here and I really don't want to go into a whole "Twitter has changed the media" analysis. Boring.

But, something on Twitter tonight took place that was both very fun and showcased the purpose and fun that Twitter can be.

Heath Bell, who, oh by the way, won MLB's "Delivery Man of the Year" (or, in other words, Heath Bell was the best closer in baseball in 2010. Not that you needed me to tell you that.) took part in a little Twitter Q&A.

So, without further ado, some highlights from the mouth of the Padres bullpen:

- @TomFrey1st "Who was your favorite player when you were in high school?"
- @HeathBell21 "Roger Clemens"
*Roger Clemens did seem to be a popular answer

- @JWbaseballfan "Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?"
- @HeathBell21 "Nolan Ryan"
* did Roger Clemens beat out Nolan Ryan during those formative high school years

- @spmunoz "How long do you plan on being a Padre?"
- @HeathBell21 "My whole career"
*Good answer

- @betoisonfire "What's your absolute favorite baseball stadium?"
- @HeathBell21 "Wrigley"
*I imagine you don't hear that often from a pitcher

Finally, some fun questions:

- @Captain_lou "Every thought of going to a straight 'stache and getting rid of the goat? Maybe even 'Goose' style?"
- @HeathBell21 "All the time, but wife says its grounds for divorce."

@Iamigravan "how do you feel about Carne Asada fries?"
@HeathBell21 "muy bueno"
*would an answer of "no bueno" been grounds for trading Bell? I lean toward yes...

- @leftcoastbias "Favorite Movie?"
- @HeathBell21 "Fools Rush In"
*Who saw THAT coming?

- @tayloryar29 "Whose the toughest batter you've faced?"
- @HeathBell21 "Albert Pujols and Barry Bonds"

And finally...

- @leftcoastbias "Five people, living or dead, you would have dinner with?"
- @HeathBell21 "Elvis, Jesus, Hulk Hogan, Mike Gilberg, and Bill Clinton"
*Mike Gilberg does Wall Street analysis of Major League Baseball's player markets. I have no idea what his connection is to this guy, but he's at the table!

Anyway, I thought it was fun that Heath Bell took some time to answer questions from fans on Twitter. So, Heath, even though there is no way you are reading this, thanks for the time. And congrats on your Delivery Man of the Year award. Well earned sir!


BonnieSue12 said...

thanks for sharing this post...Elvis beat out Jesus on the dinner list...interesting

HeathBell21 said...

its the offseason. good read