Saturday, March 26, 2011

Name the Tucson Padres Mascot!

No matter how bad a season the Padres are having, and, through the years, some of these seasons have been pretty bad, one thing always makes me smile at a Padres game.

The appearance of the Swinging Friar.

Through the years we've meet the Friars "creation":

The military Friar:

And this handsome fellow in the glasses:

And now, the Tucson Padres have announced the appearance of the Swinging Friars long lost identical brother!

But he is missing a name. This is where all of us come in. The Tucson Padres are asking for suggestions on the Tucson version of our beloved Swinging Friar. I like the name Pueblo since Tucson is known as the "Ole Pueblo."

Mrs. Left Coast Bias liked the name Tuffy, and nice ode to the original AAA team in Tucson, the Tucson Toros.

Got a better idea? Well, go to the Tucson Padres website and submit your name!

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