Saturday, March 12, 2011

Padres vs Mariners: A "Rivalry"

The Padres are currently in the midst of Spring Training in Peoria, AZ.

Which must boil their blood to no end.

Why, you may be asking? Because every March the Padres must share a field, locker room and overall breathing air with the most hated of all hated rivals in Padres history. The Seattle Mariners. Just typing it sends shudders through my body.

Since 1997, MLB has had interleague play and every year teams are pitted against their natural rival. Yankees vs Mets, Dodgers vs Angels, Giants vs A's, Cubs vs White Sox and...Padres vs Mariners?

For a simply fantastic read of the history between the Padres and Mariners (and yes, there is a legitimate, albeit old, history), I direct you to RJ's Fro blog.

But that's not why I'm here today. The rivalry exist. No one knows how this fight started. Much like the Hatfield and McCoys, those of us carrying on this rivalry couldn't even tell you what we are fighting about.

But I know one thing. This rivalry needs a name.

Back in February, a Twitter comment turned into a Twitter conversation with some fantastic ideas. I've combed through them to pick out my favorites. Let's name this rivalry once and for all!

Your candidates:

1) The Conundrum of the Coast

2) Battle for the Vedder Jug

3) The Alaskan Airlines Series

4) The Toast of the Coast

5) Battle for the Venti Jug

6) The Border Patrol War

2011. The year we will finally have a name for all this indifferent hatred for our rivals to the north.


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