Wednesday, August 8, 2007

All's Wells that Ends Wells

And we're back! Sorry for the week long delay but Left Coast Bias has returned with plenty of Padres news to talk about. The latest news concerns David Wells. Kevin Towers this morning appeared on the Scott and BR show on AM1090 in San Diego and was asked if David Wells would make his next scheduled start on Saturday. Wells has been in a tailspin for about 2 months now which culminated with Monday's performance in which he could not get out of the 5th inning, giving up 7 runs in what turned out to be a 10 run inning for the Cardinals. So, when asked about Wells making Saturday's start what did Towers say? "I do not expect David to start on Saturday." According to Kevin Towers, a meeting is to take place today between himself, Bud Black and David to discuss his future whose options, as outlined by Towers this morning, are these:

- Come home to San Diego and retire
- Place David Wells on waivers and try to trade him if he wants to keep pitching
- Outright release him

Either way, Kevin Towers has said that within 24 hours, we will know.
David Wells has been a great pitcher his entire career and a great Padre. His from the area and has a passion for the game and the games history. He just doesn't have it anymore. He has been rocked in most of his starts this year and at this point, for a team trying to win a division, he has become a liability. The Padres cannot simply afford to sacrifice a game every 5 days to accomdate David Wells. You'd like to see him either retire or be traded and here's hoping he chooses retire. Enjoy yourself David. Hunt, fish, spend time with the family, and bask in the glory of an amazing career.

Padres Back on Track

The Padres, after getting July off to a rough start, appear to be back on track. Over the past weekend the Padres swept the Giants (even though you know who tied a certain record). They did it in surprising fashion as well. It looks like Scott Hairston was given WonderBoy to bat with because this guy is on fire. A 3 run homerun on Friday to tie the game and a walk-off later that day. If this guy can stay hot, can't wait to see what he has in store for his old team that gave up on him. How perfect would it be to have Hairston play a major role in knocking Arizona out of the top spot in the West? Pretty perfect.

And luckily Hairston is performing because the injury bug has hit the Padres outfield. Brian Giles was back in the lineup despite twisting his ankle making a great catch against the fence at Petco. Milton Bradley continues to rest a strained hamstring that, if it is not healed within a few more days, may force the Padres to place him on the DL. And this folks, is why KT made those deadline deals. Hairston and Mackowiak have played great ball in the outfield in spot starts. It takes a village, or in this case, it takes everybody.


- With the impending release of David Wells it leaves open the question as to who will take his spot in the rotation. Clay Hensley and Mike Thompson are not available (at least for Saturday) due to a 10 day rule for players that are sent down being brought back up. That leaves, in all likelihood, Wil Ledzema, another deadline deal from KT.

-Termel Sledge was brought back up to help the injured outfield. Good to see Sledgy back.

-Chris Young is reportedly to come off the DL on Thursday. With Peavy and Young back and healthy, the Padres have perhaps the best 1-2 pitching punch in baseball.

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Man... the one time that I didn't keep up with Left Coast Bias... and do you see where it got me? I had no idea about Wells leaving the team!