Tuesday, April 29, 2008

City of Brotherly Love

There's nothing new under the sun. We all know the offense sucks, we all know the bullpen is struggling.

The positive of course is the end of April is upon us. And as such, May is right around the corner. Typically, the Padres excel in May, using a strong May record to jumpstart their season. 22-6 in 2006 remains a franchise best for any month. Let's hope more of the same magic is coming.

Greg Maddux goes for win #350 tonight against the Phillies, who counter with lefty-phenom Cole Hamels. Should be a fun one. Let's hope Ryan Howard stays in his slump for at least three more days.

I have finals right now so posts will be short and/or lazy. What can I say? Also, the team is struggling, which depresses me.

Here's something fun: Baseball movies!

Top 5 Baseball Movies

1) The Natural
2) Field of Dreams
3) The Sandlot
4) Major League
5) Bull Durham

That's all for now!


maddy said...

My baseball fav:
A League of Their Own

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