Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oh Happy Day...

The faux-holiday that Padres fans around the world anxiously awaited for is finally here. May 1st! What does this day mean for Padres fans? Historically, it is the day they stop sucking and start winning. It also means an 11-17 April is now a distant and long-forgotten memory.

The Padres ended April like they began it (and quite differently then they played it in between). They won!!!! They got hits!!! Trevor got a save!!! The birds were singing, the sun was shining!

Look, I don't buy that much into the May thing, although I am just as happy as anyone to see April in the rear-view mirror now. I also think the way the Padres played yesterday (4 runs, everyone by CY and Edmonds getting a hit) is closer to the reality of this team then the near Mendoza line Batting Average the team has been hitting.

I can't get into the numbers now (however, Geoff Young at did a nice job of explaining this) but it's not that the Padres are this bad of an offensive team as much as it is they are, as a team, hitting at well below average levels. I don't know much about statistics but I'm told these things straighten out in the end. We shall see.

I do know this, the Padres can win a series today for the first time since, well, it's been a while is the point.

Beginning of May, 11-17 and 9 GB of Arizona. Let's saddle up boys, we ain't done yet!

P.S. To those who like to comment on how Trevor is "done" he recorded the save last night, making him 5 for 7 in save chances. He also has posted an ERA under 2.00 in his past 5 appearances. Talks of his demise have been greatly exaggerated.

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Marshall said...

-2.00 ERA?

That's a funny typo ;-)