Friday, May 9, 2008

**BREAKING NEWS** Jim Edmonds Released

This news is coming third party so I will try to do it justice but as I get details I will post them.

Essential, what I've heard via someone who was listening to Sports Radio 1090 in San Diego is that the Padres have released Jim Edmonds from the roster. As has often been written here, Jim Edmonds had been a colossal hole in the middle of the Padres lineup and had clearly lost a step in the outfield. Our fears were realized earlier this week when Kevin Towers went on the air to publicly say that it was clear Edmonds bat and legs had slowed down. Moves were promised upon their return, and moves have taken place. what.

Jody Gerut and Nick Hundley did NOT play in Portland last night, perhaps indicative that they are coming to San Diego by this weekend.

Chase Headley remains their top prospect, and bringing him here will push a platoon into Center between (likely) Hairston, Gerut, Crabbe, and the Aussie.

It seems increasingly likely that the Padres will be in a position where they HAVE to sign Jacques Jones. He can't hit but the guy can play some D and brings much needed speed to a slow team. And he strikes out a lot, so he'll fit right in.

Other options: Reggie Willits, Felix Pie (who also can't hit, and who knows what the Cubs would want for him), and my yearly answer, Ken Griffey Jr. That's a pipe dream of course, as he wants to go to a contender (which the Padres are not currently) and he is likely far to expensive. Doesn't mean we can't wish for it though!

More info as I receive them!


Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports has the story here.

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