Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fight the Apathy!!!!

The title to today's post is taken from Sullivan's article today in the U-T. In that article, Sullivan points out that the time to make changes on this team is now, while fans are angry but paying attention. As is often the case in San Diego, apathy can set in quickly and the fastest way to drive your fans off the cliff and into oblivion...a 12-22 record.

Fear not, change is on its way. So we've been told. Kevin Towers has said publicly that changes will be made once the team returns from there East Coast trip. What will those changes be? That's anyone's guess, but based on KT's public admonishment of Jim Edmonds skills yesterday on Sports Radio 1090XX one would have to assume it involves Edmonds. Probably not a great sign that Crabbe pinch hit for Edmonds last night in the 9th.

NOTE: As has often been said in this space, Edmonds should not be batting 5th. He's not today and the Padres just scored 2 in the first. Talk about small sample size but still...

Ledezema gets the start this morning in Atlanta, giving Peavy a day off. Headley is beginning to rake in Portland and Jacques Jones is still unemployed (and sadly, I think designed for a Towers pick-up...let's hope Towers learned his lesson about putting aging, offensively challenged in important positions in the field.

Finals continue so a short post. Mostly to tell you I'm still here and still following the team, although with studying, not as diligently as I was. If/when moves are made this week or next, I will let you know.

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