Saturday, January 15, 2011

Heath Bell Speaks...Again!

As is becoming somewhat customary for Padres closer Heath Bell, tonight was another Q&A via Twitter. For those not following Heath Bell on Twitter, follow @HeathBell21

So, what did we learn:

Batting Leadoff @LosGeez "What is your favorite place in SD other than Petco Park?"
@HeathBell21 "Legoland"

@refriedgringo "You miss batting? Ever hit the cage for the hell of it?"
@HeathBell21 "In Spring training all the time...I'm the best bunter on the team!"

@sususuza "What's ur favorite reality TV show?"
@HeathBell21 "I really don't watch much but the Next Best Baker is pretty awesome."
*I have literally never heard of this show. And I'm a guy who enjoys his cooking reality shows.

@LeftCoastBias (yes thats me) "Last movie you saw and thoughts on it?"
@HeathBell21 "Chronicles of Narnia...pretty good."

A few Trevor related questions, obviously:

@gdarklighter "what's the most important thing you learned from Trevor Hoffman?"
@HeathBell21 Not to throw too many pitches before a game."

@silentheroes "thoughts on Trevor coming back to the club?"
@HeathBell21 "Excited. He's full of knowledge and will be a great help."

@TheThinGwynn "In 100 or less characters, what does Trevor mean to you?"
@HeathBell21 "He was my mentor, he is my friend, and he's the type of ballplayer I work hard to become."

Ok, a few more.

@SDRHYTHM "out of all MLB ballparks, which one is your favorite (other than Petco of course)?"
@HeathBell21 "Philly and Citi"

@felix5407 "who do you think will win the super bowl this year?"
@HeathBell21 "I'm rooting for LT and the Jets but the Packers are looking good."

And finally, the question on every Padre fans minds:

@jkdlvsd "Will Yoda be hangin' in the bullpen again this year?"
@HeathBell21 "Yoda left with Ryan Webb"

This piece of information may change my opinion on that whole trade now!

Anyway, this was a snippet of Heath Bell on Saturday night. He does this every now and then so I would strongly suggest you follow him on Twitter. And, in the event he happens to read this, then, THANKS HEATH! It's pretty cool to have an athlete be willing to answer fan questions, no matter how asinine they may be.

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