Sunday, July 10, 2011

Heath Bell Twitter Q & A

In what has become somewhat of a regular event for Heath Bell, the Padres closer and lone representative at the All-Star Game in Phoenix on Tuesday took some time Sunday night to answer fan questions.

As before, here is a sampling of his answers of more interesting questions:

@joshspence Who will you be flicking pumpkin seeds at in the bullpen during the All Star Game?
@HeathBell21 pumpkin seeds are going to go everywhere to everyone!

- Apparently the Heater has a bullpen reputation.

@ryannahartley Would you rather 1 arm or 1 leg?
@HeathBell21 One arm. My right arm.

@BrewerBaseball do you think Jonathon Axford should have been an All-Star this season based on his moustache alone?
@HeathBell21 his stache is pretty sweet. But Gregerson has a nice one goin

@drewdayton what did you think after your first pitch of the all-star game last year?
@HeathBell21 I'm not gonna lose THIS one.

@clintonbrannen If you could have any other job, what would it be and why?
@HeathBell21 work at Disneyland. I want to be Gaston in the beauty and the beast.

@billstrunk How do you feel about the wave at games?
@HeathBell21 I like it. I do the wave in the bullpen.

- that's disappointing, but since he is an All-Star and overall bad ass, I'll let it slide.

@Twine23 best teammate ever? Funniest teammate? Best prank you have pulled off?
@HeathBell21 best teammate: Hundley best prank; can't tell you.

- I would literally pay money to hear what that prank was. Anyone want to start the "Heath Bell Prank Fund"?

@cowsarecool220 Please ask your wife her fave road park to watch you pitch & why?
@HeathBell21 Philly because they were really nice there and gave her sushi after the game.

@Jack_In_Tosh Last person you argued with?
@HeathBell21 my 13 year old daughter...slug bug contest. I won. Still love her though!

@philzfan15 Why #21?
@HeathBell21 that's the number they gave me and 19 was taken

@esslingerj who u got in the derby? And why didn't u fly?
@HeathBell21 i got adrian in the derby and spending some quality time with the kids

This might be my favorite question of all time.
@_TonyHudson_ Hey Heath! Do you think pigeons have feelings?
@HeathBell21 yes! One was born in my golf bag in triple a Virginia. It was cool except I had to throw away my golf bag.

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