Saturday, March 3, 2012

In Which It Is Safe To Shop Again

My closet is littered with jerseys I no longer wear. Giveaways, gifts, or impulse buys that now simply mark the history of the Padres through the years (well, through the late 90's to today). Among them are:

Mid-90's Gwynn (a jersey I still wear, of course)
Trevor Hoffman (Retired from wear when he became a Brewer. Now free to be worn at will.)
Khalil Greene (free jersey giveaway day)
Mike Cameron (another giveaway)
Jake Peavy (during his Cy Young season)
Adrian Gonzalez (which will never see the light of day again)

Buying a jersey of your favorite team is tricky business. For one, they don't come cheaply (a 2012 Authentic Home jersey runs $258.99).

Secondly, if you are to invest the money it takes to have a jersey, there's really nothing worst than waking up to find out the player you've chosen to hitch your wagon to has been traded to Cincinnati.

And finally, more own personal rule of thumb regarding jerseys. If you are not on the team, I'm not wearing your jersey. Nothing makes me cringe more than walking around Petco and seeing Giles jersey's. If you are not currently on the team, I'm out. Obviously, the exception to this is a retired player (i.e. Gwynn and Hoffman). But while Hoffman was a Brewer, that jersey collects dust. Don't be the guy walking around in an Adrian Gonzalez jersey while he's hitting doubles off the Green Monster.

It is with all of this in mind that today's news regarding Cameron Maybin. Originally broken by Dan Hayes at the North County Times, the Padres today agreed to a 5 year/$25 million extension with an option for a 6 year. With this deal (similar to the deal Josh Brynes pulled off with Chris Young of Arizona), the Padres have secured one of the most important positions in baseball with a player taylor made for Petco Park both from a defensive and offensive standpoint.

Moreover, Cam is just fun. He's fun to watch. He seems like a fun guy in the clubhouse. He is a player that, as a fan, I'm proud to say is a Padres. Since coming here, Maybin has becoming instantly popular. With the departures of Gonzalez and Bell, I would argue he is likely the most popular Padre of the current roster. For good reason. (BTW, my personal second favorite: Chase Headley. Though that can be a controversial topic amongst fans and probably best left to another post...or shouting matches over Sculpin)

And most importantly, it is now safe to purchase a jersey. Dig into that penny bank, and as Donna and Tom Haverford would say...TREAT YO SELF!


The 5.5 Hole said...

GTH, how can I contact you directly? Email address?

GTH said...

You can contact me on Twitter @LeftCoastBias. DM me and I'll give you my email address.

stkras1 said...

The simple solution is I don't buy a jersey with a players name on it.