Sunday, February 26, 2012

All Those Yesterdays

One week from today the Padres will play their first Spring Training game of 2012. This news is, in itself, exciting and interesting.

But this isn't about that. This is about who they play. And a rivalry renewed. A rivalry steeped in tradition. If tradition means completely manufactured for no apparent reason. The Vedder Cup returns on March 5th. My blood is already boiling.

For the unacquainted, here is a quick primer on the Vedder Cup. And also where the name "Vedder Cup" came from.

2011 was a dark time for Padres fans and the Vedder Cup. In total, the Padres went 1-5 against Seattle. The Padres scored a total of 4 runs in those 6 games. 4 runs. Total.

The one game they won was on July 2, 2011. You may remember this game for the 3 ball walk. In the Top of the 5th, Cameron Maybin was awarded first base on ball 3. Thanks to a scoreboard mistake that showed Maybin had a full count prior to ball 3 being thrown, Maybin was awarded first. He later came around to score the lone run of the game. (Fun fact: Joe Montana threw out the first pitch that day. Ok, not that fun. But still a fact.)

The Padres won only 1 game in the Vedder Cup series. And they only won it because of a scoreboard error. Not a great showing.

My "Wishlist" for 2012? (Oh oh, are the Pearl Jam puns coming on? They are tough to stop once they begin). Do better than that.

Winter is coming. And by winter I mean Spring. And by that I mean...let's get those dirty hippies from the North.

Vedder Cup. 2012. Reclaim the Eddie!

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BonnieSue12 said...

SD can ONLY have a better season one would like to think. Hippies from the north, really? How about beach bums from S Cal?? Only difference is one bathes more often by "sport", wears shell necklaces and thinks fish tacos (w/cabbage slaw) are a health food w/veggies :)